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Rumors hit that Martian Manhunter may be in Man Of Steel?

Obviously this must be taken with a tremendously large grain of salt, maybe even a truck load. The Site ComicBookMovie last night posted speculation that Harry Lennix, who is currently cast as General Swanwick, is playing non other than Martian “J’onn J’onzz/John Jones” Aka The Martian Manhunter. Here is a […]

Unfortunate “hoax” on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hinted at Marvel Cinematic Universe Contentions

While the news comes and leaves many upset that it is indeed not true, reports that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would make references to The Marvel Cinematic Universe have been proven false. Earlier today io9  released the above photo stating it was submitted with the following: I live in Brooklyn […]

Zack Snyder says Man Of Steel is a “Resurrection” of the Superman films

Over at HeroComplex, Noelene Clark posted a wonderfully insightful interview with Zack Snyder about his upcoming Superman Reboot, Man Of Steel.   The Article opens on a very intriguing note,addressing the fact that Superman’s iconic symbol is the second-most-recognized symbols in the world, number one being the Christan Cross. To […]