“Thor: Love and Thunder” Actress Melissa McCarthy Spotted On-Set, Character Revealed

The comedienne-turned-actress was just spotted on director Taika Waititi’s set in a familiar costume and setting to the “Thor” franchise. The particular cast of characters she’s joining is sure to create some real fan-fare, too!

Chris Hemsworth Announces First Day Of Shooting ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ & Rocket Raccoon Could Be Part Of The Film

Thunder and lighting are ready to strike as Thor: Love and Thunder officially begins filming in Australia with Rocket Raccoon possibly joining the film.

Chris Pratt Officially Confirms Star-Lord’s Return In ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ And Reveals When He Starts Filming

Chris Pratt has now officially revealed that Peter Quill , AKA Star-Lord, will be making a return in Thor: Love & Thunder, and he also revealed when he will be heading out to Australia to film his scenes .. and it may be sooner than fans had expected.

Star-Lord’s Next Appearance In The MCU Officially Set To Be In ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Well it certainly appears as if the “Asgardians” of the Galaxy are getting back together again, as GOTG leader Star-Lord is now officially set to join the next highly anticipated entry in the Thor franchise.

Natalie Portman Possibly Confirms Jane Foster Will Be Influenced By The ‘Mighty Thor’ Comics In “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster is returning to the MCU in Thor: Love and Thunder and she may have just revealed what comic book storyline will be influencing her character’s arc throughout the film.