“Dune” Director Denis Villeneuve Rips HBO Max in Op-ed over 2021 Streaming Debacle

Director Denis Villeneuve is one of many directors who aren’t very happy with newcomer streaming service HBO Max. The “Dune” director has even gone as far as to write an op-ed to elaborate on his laundry list of issues with the same-day streaming plan the platform has for all of its 2021 films.

AT&T Reportedly Trying to Sell Crunchy Roll to Sony for a Whopping $1.5 Billion

The biggest streaming platform for anime/manga is undoubtedly Crunchy Roll and AT&T knows it. Taking advantage of their popularity, AT&T is asking a whopping 1.5 billion from Sony to buy the property from them. Sony executives reportedly “balked” at such a high ticket price for a very specific streaming site.