“PlayStation Plus Video Pass” May Come to Sony’s Consoles Soon

PS5 and PS4 owners may have a partial answer to Xbox’s Game Pass on the horizon. The company might have just teased the newest feature set to beef up PS+ subscriptions with an exclusive video streaming feature. If the reports turn out to be true, it could set Sony up with a solid service to pull even more gamers into their family.

“OlliOlli World” Artistic Skateboarding Game Trailer Released

What would you get if you mixed in the visual style of “Adventure Time” with the radical skateboarding mechanics of “THPS?” The team at Roll7 seemingly hopes the series’ third entry delivers the best of both of those worlds in this unique action-platformer.

“Last Stop” Narrative-Adventure Game Trailer Revealed

Developers Variable State and Annapurna Interactive just pulled in with the first look at their newest story-driven game coming later this year. Soon enough, players will be able to traverse the intertwining tales of three separate characters in a world where all isn’t quite as it seems.

“Jupiter’s Legacy” Reveals First Trailer from “Civil War” Creator Mark Millar

The Shakespearean, family-focused, superhero show is about to fly onto our screens and into our hearts. Comics legend Mark Millar, known for stories like “Superman: Red Son,” “Old Man Logan,” and “Kick-Ass,” is about to have yet another of his iconic stories adapted to live-action.

“Batman: The Long Halloween” 2-Part Animated Films’ Cast Lists Unveiled

The iconic Batman story by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale is about to hit the small screen in big ways. Comicbook.com just revealed that stars Jensen Ackles, Josh Duhamel, Troy Baker, and the late Naya Rivera all have notable parts to play in the two-part film adaptation of the DC Comics tentpole tale of holiday-themed mystery and murder tale.

“The Suicide Squad” First Trailer Revealed

Director James Gunn’s Red Band Trailer featuring one of DC’s deadliest teams just dropped. Warner Bros.’ latest superhero flick looks to reunite former cast members with a massive new talent pool in footage packed with more blood, gore, and obscene humor than most comic book movies have seen for some time.