“OlliOlli World” Artistic Skateboarding Game Trailer Released

OlliOlli World looks to be a real treat of a game. What would you get if you mixed in the visual style of Adventure Time with the radical skateboarding mechanics of THPS? The team at Roll7 seemingly hopes the series’ third entry delivers the best of both of those worlds in this unique action-platformer. Check out the ideas and gameplay that brought OlliOlli World to life in the trailer below:

A colorful cast of kooky characters is everywhere in the footage. The development team’s heart and soul were clearly devoted to delivering a delicious mix of trippy environments filled with lovable but bizarre creatures. Anything and everything can be sentient in this wacky world, including pottery, anthropomorphized animals, and walking, talking food-based friends. What’s more, some of them will even join the player of their journey through the various, vibrant environments throughout the campaign.

The family-friendly art style is apparently an intentional design, too. Keeping things accessible for everyone was one of the goals the team hammered home in the trailer. Whether you can only pull off the grand, gnarly grinds or want to work up to pulling off sick tricks on the plentiful pipes, every player should feel like they can master something new. The fun doesn’t stop there either, as traversing the twisted tracks is sweeter than ever with alternate paths constantly revealing themselves to adventurous spirits.

OlliOlli World is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, and will release Winter 2021.

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