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More Delays For Disney: “Avatar”, “Spiderman: Far From Home” Sequel and New Star Wars Trilogy Get Pushed Back–“Mulan” Off the Calendar Completely

Disney will no longer be releasing “Mulan” on August 21st. No new date has been announced as of yet. Other films affected include “Avatar” and the “Spiderman: Far From Home” sequel. The new upcoming Star Wars trilogy that’s being helmed by Taika Waitit has also been pushed back an entire year.

Tom Holland Helped Initiate the New Spider-Man Deal

It’s been a hectic month for MCU and Spider-Man fans alike. After negotiations went south, Sony and Disney appeared to have parted ways entirely with the former planning to carry on with Tom Holland’s interpretation of the character in their own cinematic universe.  The recently renewed Spider-Man deal between Sony […]