Mirror’s Edge 2 At E3

Thanks to a short “#E32014″ from the Mirror’s Edge Facebook page, we can begin to see the workings of the Prequel to the series. Looks like the long awaited release will be given to its fans during this years E3 announcement. There have been rumors that EA has taken the […]

PlayStation 4 Now Accepting PayPal

For those that have been waiting for the PS4 to get this great update, it’s finally here. Those on PS4 consoles can now “Add Funds” using PayPal during the checkout process. Similar to the console method, eager buyers simply need to log in, select the “Account” tab, then the “Wallet” […]

StarCraft 2 Get’s A Fresh RPG Mod

We’ve all seen what people are capable of creating using the StarCraft 2’s Galaxy Editor, a tool that is used to create new maps and mini-games. This modder however, has taken it to an entirely new playing field. Greythepirate has created a turn based RPG for StarCraft 2 that he […]

Drinking Quest: The Drinking RPG

I picked up a little card game at Emerald City Comic Con this year titled “Drinking Quest.” A fun little fantasy game with plenty of booze-related references and prompts to drink, this is an enjoyable game for a small group. For those familiar with table top RPGs, you’ll notice familiar […]