[Album Review] “Detroit 2” by Big Sean

The listening experience of Detroit 2 is rather cumbersome and spotty, mainly due to Big Sean’s underwhelming singing on some of the deep cuts and a bloated track list but the album’s versatile production and quality features managed to keep it afloat in the grander scheme of things.

[Film Review] Mulan (2020)

The illusion of the 1998 Disney animated film, Mulan, was that it relied on the animation to let the viewer escape the reality of the story and into a captivating and unique reverie. The 2020 live-action version takes away the illusion and mystery and attempts to bring a realistic version with conflicting themes and overlapping narratives.

[Review] Marvel’s Avengers *SPOILER FREE*

After nearly over 3 years of development, Square Enix, in collaboration with Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montreal and Crystal Northwest, finally bring Marvel’s Avengers to PlayStation and Xbox consoles via retail shelves and digital storefronts everywhere. Is it worth the wait? Marvel’s Avengers is an Action Brawler with RPG elements that tries […]