Doctor Who LEGO Is On The Way!

Doctor Who fans have some exciting new merch to look forward to: our very own wibbly-wobbly LEGO set. The project was pitched on LEGO’s Ideas site about a year ago,  and has just been announced as a part of LEGO’s Second 2014 Review results. The fan proposal includes the following: -Tardis, […]

Doctor Who May Be Available as a Future LEGO Set

Legos have presented nerds and geeks alike unique opportunities to interact directly with their fandoms. LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Spider-Man, LEGO Batman…the list goes on and on. The Lego Group has even entered into a partnership with Cuusoo.com to allow fan-submitted set ideas the possibility of actual, official production. However, The […]

[Review] The LEGO Movie

              Everything is awesome. And that especially includes The LEGO Movie. The Lego Movie is The Lego Group’s latest foray into the movie genre, and almost definitely it’s most successful. The Lego Movie is about an unassuming, generic Lego minifigure named Emmet, who tries […]