[REVIEW] The Wolverine

            Wolverine has always been a favorite character among X-Men comic fans and movie fans alike. His brash attitude, rough demeanor, and depressing backstory make him a very loveable badass. You tend to feel sorry for him because of everything that’s happened to him, and […]

[Review] Pacific Rim (spoiler free)

              While not generally considered a “highly anticipated” summer movie, Pacific Rim stirred interest in certain groups of people. Do you like watching giant robots fighting giant monsters? Congratulations! You are part of that demographic. Looking like it came out of the pages of a trope-filled […]

[Review] World War Z

World War Z is a thrilling, summer popcorn film. Brad Pitt, despite being very comfortable in the role, is very believable in the character of a retired military negotiator forced to leave his family and attend to the most important mission in his life: finding a way for the human […]

[Reader Submitted Review] Man Of Steel – A lifelong Superman Fan shares his experience

***EDITORS NOTE*** The Following Is a Reader (what we like to call a Distinguished Nerd) submitted Article/Review. Those of us on Staff here at The Cultured Nerd would like to give Cameron Sartori a big shout out for his awesome review*** For me the initial reaction when I heard the […]