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Hello there Mr. Krampus

Santa Claus has brought joy to children for generations and will continue to do so for many more! The iconic symbol was molded after Saint Nicholas, a 4th century Greek saint and Bishop of Myra ( present-day Turkey). With a reputation of leaving surprise gifts for townspeople, he was also known as […]

Check out this poor guy

Here we have a very unfortunate day for the Cereal Leaf beetle. To the left, we see a parasitoid wasp called Tetrastichus julis, has laid it’s eggs inside the larvae of the beetle, which shall ultimately bring this vermin’s demise. The spawn will feast on the larva’s insides before bursting fourth and killing the […]

R.I.P Hostess

Yes, Dr. Venkman, what about the Twinkie indeed. The Twinkie, as well as ho ho’s, snowballs, and ding-dongs are unfortunately coming to an end. Well, kinda. Hostess retail stores will remain open in order to sell the remaining baked goods. So get them while you can, because all that will be left are the cheap knockoff […]