Hello there Mr. Krampus

Santa Claus has brought joy to children for generations and will continue to do so for many more! The iconic symbol was molded after Saint Nicholas, a 4th century Greek saint and Bishop of Myra ( present-day Turkey). With a reputation of leaving surprise gifts for townspeople, he was also known as ” Nikolaos the Wonderworker”.  While Saint Nick is a well known and welcomed man in the lives of most, he has a dark counterpart that is only known and feared in part of the world.krampus10_big

Krampus, A horned beast creature known throughout Alpine countries, is said to come out during the Yule season to actually capture naughty children in his sack and take them off to his lair for punishment. What…Much scarier than receiving coal in your stocking I’d say. This traumatizing story is actually still being told to young children every year. Let’s learn a bit more about this hairy troublesome devil shall we?

Sharing similarities to the Greek Satyrs, Krampus dates back to pre- Christian Germanic traditions. The creature carries chains symbolizing his bind to the devil by the church, while also being accessorized with various bells and even bundles of birch branches he uses for whipping children with. The catholic church tried to stamp out all celebrations involving the creature, but by the 17th century, Krampus has been incorporated by Christian’s celebrations by combining his story with St. Nick’s. Now a days, preceding the eve of St. Nicholas, (December 6th) young men will don the appearance of the beast and run through the night terrorizing young children with bells, chains, and large sacks. They will even leave coal in the homes of actual known brats. This night, is known as Krampusnacht. Krampus

So remember boys and girls, while it’s well past Krampusnacht, always keep in mind that he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for you’re own sake, because Krampus, will be coming to town.

Happy Holidays all, and a very happy new year!