Assassin’s Creed Vol 3- Accipiter


Here we are, Assassin’s Creed Vol 3 – Accipiter is the third volume in a series of French graphic novels created by Eric Corbeyran and Djilalli Defali, and as it stands right now it is also the final chapter for the time being until the recently announced volume 4 is released, which hasn’t actually happened yet in France, and because of this there is currently no official word on if Titan Books has plans to localize that volume as it has with the other 3 volumes.

As explained in the previous review for Volume 1, and volume 2, this series tells the story of Desmond Miles, but instead goes into a much different story than that seen in the games and Volume 3 – Accipiter – Tells the continued as it left off in volumes 1, and 2, continuing the story that is pretty much at this point already pretty similar but very distant from what the games have shown.

Upon completion of Volume 3 – Accipiter, I found myself looking back on the stories of all 3 as a whole and all in all, this entire set was very well done. Most of this volume takes place  in the Roman times following our friendly neighborhood Assassin  Aquilus who’s continuing to search for the mystery behind the betrayal that cost him people he is close to, while in the real world it has Desmond taking what he knows and finding the Piece of Eden that was left hidden for him. The end of the book leaves you at a cliffhanger, clearly setting up for Volume 4, but unlike these books, it seems Volume 4 will be picking up with a new character and his mission in Egypt.

Bottom line, as I said wit the last two, if you are a fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, this comic book series is a must, and if you read the first two, you need to finish what you started.

Each volume is currently up for $9.99 each on right now, and roughly all 3 will run you $30. Which for any Assassins Creed fan, is money well spent.