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Rocksteady Founders Launch New Video Game Studio: Hundred Star Games

The brains behind the Batman Arkham series and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are setting up shop elsewhere.

Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker, the creative forces behind Rocksteady Studios, famed for the Batman Arkham series, have embarked on a new venture in the gaming world. As reported by¬†Polygon, they’ve established Hundred Star Games, a London-based studio poised to make its mark in AAA game development.

True to its name, Hundred Star Games plans to operate with a tight-knit team of 100 professionals. This team will consist of industry veterans and emerging talents, a blend designed to foster innovation in game development. The founders’ choice to keep the team relatively small yet focused on AAA titles indicates a commitment to quality and perhaps a more hands-on approach to game design and development.

Hill and Walker’s new direction comes after their notable tenure at Rocksteady, now a subsidiary of Warner Bros., where they led the development of groundbreaking titles in the Batman Arkham series, including the forthcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which staff members of The Cultured Nerd got to play during the closed Alpha test and are incredibly excited for.

Given Rocksteady’s track record with narrative-driven games, expectations are high for what Hundred Star Games will produce. Whether they will continue in the vein of their previous work or take an entirely new direction remains to be seen.