Amazon MGM Studios joins forces with Pinewood Toronto Studios

Amazon MGM Studios and Pinewood Toronto Studios enter new production agreement.

Amazon has taken over the world in so many ways. Need, well, just about anything you can think of? Shop for it on Amazon. Do you need that thing delivered by tomorrow? Just use Amazon Prime. Consumers love Amazon not just for books and clothing but for film and television, and Amazon MGM Studios is to thank for that. Now, the Amazon-owned studio is making its mark in Toronto!

According to Deadline, Amazon MGM Studios has signed a new multi-year agreement with Pinewood Toronto Studios. This agreement will grant them access to Pinewood’s downtown production facilities. That includes access to five sound stages as well as access to office and workshop spaces. Dan Scharf, VP of Global Business Operations for Amazon MGM Studios, and Paul Golding, Chairman of Pinewood Group, are excited about the recent partnership. And why wouldn’t they be? With Canada’s leadership in the film-making world and the global force that Amazon is, this sounds like an excellent move for both parties.