Tom Cruise set to return in rumored ‘Top Gun 3’

Is Maverick back for a third installment of the popular franchise?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Maverick! The 1986 classic Top Gun was followed by a very successful sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, in 2022. Tom Cruise – Maverick himself – led the charge in both films for the popular franchise, and it sounds like that franchise is expanding. But what can fans expect?

Well, word on the street is that Tom Cruise will return in a third installment. According to Puck, producers David Ellison and Jerry Bruckheimer are expected to return for the film. Tom Cruise would revise his role as Maverick, probably alongside co-stars from the 2022 hit, Miles Teller and Glen Powell. Ehren Kruger, a co-writer for Maverick, is supposedly back working on a script for the third film as well.

This news comes just days after the announcement that Tom Cruise has signed a deal to produce movies with Warner Brothers Discovery. The deal will not exclude him from working with other companies like Paramount. So, perhaps fans of the Top Gun world will see Tom Cruise take to the skies again!