Warner Bros. Producer Believes There Can Be Multiple, Simultaneous Iterations of Superman

Charles Rowen, producer of Man of Steel, believes there’s room for more than one Superman.

Charles Roven, producer of Man of Steel, believes there’s room for more than one Superman.

While creative disagreements between Snyder and Warner Bros. led to the famous Snyder Cut movement of 2017-2020, we have not seen another standalone Superman movie where Henry Cavill could don the cape once more and go toe-to-toe with another foe from his rogue’s gallery—villains like Mongul, Parasite, Bizarro, and Brainiac. Charles Roven, however, believes multiple Superman projects can co-exist since there are multiple Batman projects with different actors (Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck) reprising their role as the Caped Crusader, as well as Robert Pattinson in The Batman, which will take place outside of the current DCEU canon. This opens doors for how the storytelling could be done on the big screen similar to how DC shakes things up with a new relaunch of their lore similar to Rebirth. In a recent interview, Roven stated:

“If they’re going to go along with a filmmaker’s vision, you have to allow for multiple visions. You cannot have it any other way. Not everybody’s going to think alike. And so, I think if somebody brought them a cohesive vision, it’s my understanding, and I could be wrong because I haven’t read the script or whatever, but even in The Flash thing that supposedly has multiple Batman’s, it does have somewhat of a cohesive vision to the universe that’s been created since Ezra [Miller] has been playing The Flash. And so, they’re not saying, ‘Never,’ to anything and I like that. It’s got to work. You know what I’m saying? It’s got to work. You’ve got to be able to actually say, ‘Here’s what I’m really going to deliver, and then it’s got to work.”

Never say never Superman fans! There are many storylines in DC that include other universes if not everyone in the multiverse. There are many iterations of Superman such as Val-Zod, Connor Kent, Hank Henshaw, and more in DC comics so it wouldn’t be impossible nor unheard of. If Cavill is to return as the last son of Krypton expect Roven to be hands-on.

“I’m only attached to anything that’s spun off of Man of Steel,” Roven explained. “So once Henry Cavill is no longer a part of Superman, then I’m not attached to Superman. Right now, I think right now I’m attached to Justice League. I’m attached to Wonder Woman and I’m attached to The Suicide Squad.”

In a multiverse where there are more than one of another hero or villain, why can’t we get one with more than one Superman? Which villain would you like to see on the big screen against our next Man of Steel? What tales can be told that allow more than one Superman to exist and in a cohesive fashion? Let us know below!

Source: Comicbook.com