[Review] “Umihara Kawase BaZooka!” On PlayStation 4

“Umihara Kawase BaZooka!” has a fun and enjoyable style of play, and features a nice cartoony anime art design.

Umihara Kawase BaZooka! was a lot more fun to play than I was expecting. The game’s large selection of characters was really nice and the overall anime design was good.

There isn’t necessarily a plot to follow in this game, but more of a series of challenges. In the game’s Challenge Mode, you and three other players can go from world to world and complete ten levels on each world. The tenth level is always the boss level. The levels do get increasingly difficult as you progress. You also have the option of selecting the difficulty of the controls when you’re picking your character. There are different modes in Challenge Mode that include: Single Player, Friend Mode (up to four players), and Rival Mode (up to four players, but you can attack your friends).

The other game mode, which was my favorite, is the Battle Mode. If you’ve played other games like this (Smash Bros, Brawlhalla) then you shouldbe pretty familiar with the overall objective. This mode has local multiplayer and online multiplayer. The reason I liked the Battle Mode a lot was because of the battle royale mode. You and three friends will fight until there is only one left standing. This is different from other battle royales because it’s on a platform instead of an open world map.

The cartoony anime style was done nicely and it gave the game a fun looking aesthetic. The levels also had their own neat designs; there a lot of levels to be played in this game. Sometimes each level can have it’s own set of enemies that are different from the previous level. This is nice because it keeps the visuals fresh on enemies and you’re not just the same enemy but with a different design. You also have the option to choose from different outfits and color schemes for the characters.

The controls are easy to use and, if you want a challenge, you can switch the difficulty of the controls; all it does is give you more manual control. Other than that, the controls fit the game nicely and using the Square button to swing around the level is fun to do. Your other controls are X to jump, Triangle is Skill A, Circle is Skill B, L1 is Skill SP, and R1 is Bazooka.

The music is fun and upbeat. It doesn’t heighten any emotions, but it’s fun to listen to. The sounds in the game soft, cartoony and in a way, cute. I wish the soundtrack had been able to effect emotions because I think that could have made the boss levels feel more serious. But at the same time, a more serious soundtrack could’ve taken away from the upbeat style of the game.

There is a ton of replay value in this game. Each character has different attacks, so it’s best to play as each character in order to find which one fits your style of play best. Plus, the endless matches you can play with your friends is always fun. Also, as I mentioned earlier, you and friends can tackle the Challenge Mode together.

Overall, Umihara Kawase BaZooka! is a fun and enjoyable that is perfect for hanging out with friends or if you’re looking for a way to kill some time. I you’re looking for a fun game to play, Umihara Kawase BaZooka! is one that I would recommend because it a was fun to play and there wasn’t a lot I didn’t like about it.

Below you can watch the official trailer for Umihara Kawase BaZooka!:

TCN was provided a review copy of Umihara Kawase BaZooka! on PlayStation 4 for the intent of review purposes by the publisher/PR