ICYMI: Nintendo releases the trailer for “Crysis: Remastered” on the Switch

“But can it run Crysis?”

Gaming has come a long way in the last decade! We have seen a lot of classic games being remastered for the current generation of consoles. However, most of them have only been ported to the PS4 or the Xbox One, leaving out the Nintendo Switch, mostly because it did not really match up to the hardware standards of the former.

And now a game released on PC back in 2007, considered to be way ahead of its time in terms of graphic intensiveness and setting the benchmark for future games, is finally making a comeback on the PS4, Xbox One, AND Nintendo Switch!

That’s right, Crysis Remastered was officially released on Nintendo Switch on July 23rd! The release of the game on the Switch was accompanied by the launch of its trailer. The resolution at which the game would run on the console (handheld mode and docked mode) was also revealed a week prior to the official release of the game.

This clearly shows how far gaming hardware has come in the last decade or so since the original game was released back in 2007.

Have you purchased the game on your Switch? How has your experience been so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!