James Gunn gives his approval for the Ayer Cut

In an exchange of tweets yesterday, director/writer of the upcoming 2021 DC ensemble film, The Suicide Squad, James Gunn expressed his support for the release of David Ayer’s director’s cut of Suicide Squad (2016).

exchange between James Gunn and David Ayer. source: Twitter (5/26/20)

It is well known that the 2016 ensemble film of villains had a difficult production a bit similar to that of 2017’s Justice League. This resulted in the final cut of the film not being entirely the vision of its director David Ayer. The reception of the 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice caused Warner Bros. to order reshoots to change the tone of the film to make it lighter to appease critics who criticized Batman v Superman for being too dark and somber. Several cuts of the film were made, some more in line with David Ayer’s vision and others more in line with Warner Bros. vision. with the final cuts released to the public being in line with Warner Bros. wishes. While an extended cut of the film with roughly 13 additional minutes of footage was released, it is still not what David Ayer’s version would have had and is not a directors cut but rather an extended cut of the theatrical cut.

However, not much movement for the release of his cut has been made compared to the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League. This is due to the popularity differences of the two films and while Suicide Squad was a critical failure, it was a huge box office success whereas Justice League failed in both. But since the announcement last week that the Snyder cut will be released, the movement for the release of the “Ayer Cut” has grown along with movements for the release of alternate cuts of other films.

While TCN has confirmed that David Ayer’s Suicide Squad will be released, no official announcement has been made.