BlizzCon 2020 Status Uncertain

BlizzCon logo, Blizzard Entertainment.

Along with sporting events, concerts, and entertainment production, conventions have found themselves on shaky ground this year. The Game Developers Conference in March was the first to be affected, and E3 2020 joined the ranks with its notice of cancellation a few days ago.

In a statement posted to the BlizzCon website today, executive producer Saralyn Smith admits to a similar atmosphere of uncertainty. This is the first official announcement from Blizzard regarding BlizzCon 2020. Ticket sales for the November convention are usually announced in late April, so hopeful attendees expect news around this time.

The post is largely vague about Blizzard’s intentions for BlizzCon in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Smith mentions that while many staff have shifted to working from home, they are still “actively working to finalize [their] plans.”

However, Smith asserts that BlizzCon’s feasibility at this point in the year is unknown. She promises updates as soon as possible but reminds readers that the health and safety of staff and attendees take absolute priority.

Blizzard may be exploring more streaming options, as their Virtual Ticket has done well in the past and may be a viable alternative if safety concerns are still a factor in the next several months. This would affect not only attendees but also participants, such as vendors, eSports competitors, and community contest contributors (cosplayers, musicians, artists, etc.). As is the case for many future conventions and gatherings, BlizzCon may look different by the time November comes around.

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