Rainbow Six Siege’s New Ops

Ubisoft has given us a fresh new set of operators for the new season. Lana and Oryx appear to be a new breed of operators as we get closer to seeing them fully unveiled this Saturday.

We take a look at Oryx, who appears to be a human wrecking ball going through soft walls. This could prove to be very useful as you could make a quick escape from gunfire, or get the drop on your enemies with a swift movement. It could also be dangerous as to how much noise you could make breaking walls letting the opponents become aware of where you are in the map.

Next, we turn our view to Lana, who seems to be a astronaut with a high tech suit. From what Ubisoft has shown us, she may either be a walking shield, or a completely invisible operator entirely. Being invisible could completely shatter gameplay for all players from PC to console. Also, if she is a walking shield, this could be a major problem for ranked as well as casual.

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