Is Sony going to reveal the PS4 on Feb 20th?


Over the years Sony has pulled out some great stuff. From the first PlayStation, to the PlayStation 2, PSP, PS3, PSPGO, and Now the PSVita, Sony has a good track record.

Even when they seemingly fail, I’m looking at you PSPGO, you cant argue that the quality of the product is not better than most.

Sony has now revealed a teaser that is seemingly hinting at its next big reveal.

While the teaser itself doesn’t say much, or anything for that matter, something big is expected on Feb 20th at 6pm EST.

Now naturally some would chalk this off to Sony simply plugging its next big game or something like that, the recent rumors of the PS4 debuting this year seems leave some with the possibility of this date being its big reveal as something that cannot be ignored.

Check out the video below.


So what do you think? Either way, lets all save the date. Feb 20th 2013 is just a few weeks away, and it sounds like it may be something we cannot afford to miss.