Bioshock: Infinite- Opening scene, finally!


A few days ago, Irrational Games released the first few minutes to the ridiculously anticipated game, Bioshock: Infinite.

With Bioshock easily fitting into my top 5 games, just about any new game play or news about infinite throws me over the edge of excitement. While I was pretty intrigued about this one, I must say I was also a tiny bit disappointed. Not only did the boat scene give me vague recollections of the opening to ‘Dishonored’, but the whole opening was just a homage to the first Bioshock. I did enjoy every little bit of what I saw, I guess I just wish they were bringing something new to the table. I absolutely loved the chill factor of the first game when you first come to the underwater metropolis . Watching your first splicer with her entirely too creepy monologue as she jumps to the ceiling and slinks away into the once magnificent Rapture. You kind of get a similar feel with Infinite, except instead of being controlled by a simple phrase, you seem to be controlled by your debt with clearly dangerous men. Since you still have freewill, choices are definitely going to have to be made whether it will be in Elizabeth’s best interests or yours, will more than likely be a challenge. None the less! I am still beyond giddy with the mere thought that in just 3 months, we will finally have the third installment of the ever so amazing Bioshock franchise.icon_xl

Bioshock: Infinite is set to release March 26, 2013. Hopefully.