Assassin’s Creed Vol 1- Desmond

41vvkqCy5XL._SS500_Assassin’s Creed Vol 1 – Desmond is the first volume in a series of French graphic novels created by Eric Corbeyran and Djilalli Defali.

The series itself first debuted back in 2009, with a volume releasing each year since then. Now Titan Books has localized and released all 3 volumes for the first time in English for fans of the series here in the US.

The series tells the story of Desmond from the game, but goes into a much different story than that seen in the games. The graphic novels take the stories from the game and expound on it, adding bits and pieces, characters, and interactions that did not exist in the games. While the books are not officially Assassin’s Creed Cannon, they still offer a very exciting and worthwhile read.

Volume 1 – Desmond – Tells the story of the first game leading up to Lucy helping Desmond escape from Abstergo. But unlike the game, the book reveals more history on Subject 16, and how Abstergo was using both Clay/Subject 16 and Desmond to delve into the memories of a Roman assassin by the name of Aquilus.

Throughout the events of the novel, you find that Aquilus was in fact in contact with a Piece of Eden. But as the novel progresses it seems to line itself up more with the events of the first game, showing Altair, and his final confrontation with his master, Al Mualim.

All in all, Assassin’s Creed vol 1 – Desmond was an extremely entertaining read. Having played all the games I caught all the hidden references with ease, but heavily enjoyed the story additions.

Bottom line, if you are a fan of comic books and Assassin’s Creed, this comic book series is a must.

You can buy each volume for $9.99 each on right now, and trust me, you wont be disappointed.