Assassin’s Creed Vol 2- Aquilus


Assassin’s Creed Vol 2 – Aquilus is the second volume in a series of French graphic novels created by Eric Corbeyran and Djilalli Defali. Titan Books has localized and released all 3 volumes for the first time in English for fans of the series here in the US.

As explained in the previous review for Volume 1, this series tells the story of Desmond Miles, just like the game, but instead goes into a much different story than that seen in the games, and while the books are not officially Assassin’s Creed Cannon, they still offer a very exciting and worthwhile read to any fan of the franchise.

Volume 2 – Aquilus  – Tells the continued as it left off in volume 1, but unlike the games, it seems to fill most of its story during the “Travel time” that took place in the game.

All in all, Assassin’s Creed vol 2 – Aquilus was an extremely entertaining read. Having played all the games I caught all the hidden references with ease, but heavily enjoyed the story additions.

Most of the first half of the book takes place while the main group is driving to Ezio’s Villa (just like in Assassins Creed Brotherhood) but unlike in the game, they travel in a larger group, get attacked by modern day Templar’s  and the bleeding effect is taking hold on Desmond much earlier than it did in the game.

Vol 2 also continues the story of the Roman Assassin Aquilus and his search for those who betrayed him and his family during their quest for use and understanding of the Piece of Eden they now posses.

Bottom line, as I said wit the last one, if you are a fan of comic books and Assassin’s Creed, this comic book series is a must. Especially if you had  read the first volume.

And as it stands right now, You can buy each volume for $9.99 each on right now, which makes the purchase very well worth the money paid.