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Terence Stamp Interrupts MAN OF STEEL Discussion In Movie Theaters Rest Room?

  For those of you who don’t automatically recognize the name Terence Stamp, the acclaimed actor is best known for his Iconic performance of General Zod in Superman: The Movie (1978) and Superman II (1980), and after his recent disapproval of the critically panned Superman reboot Man Of Steel, this […]

Robert Downey Jr. Will Return As Iron Man In ‘The Avengers 2′ and ‘The Avengers 3′ But Probably Not Iron Man 4.

Its been pretty much the biggest question on everyone’s minds at the end of Iron Man 3, Will Robert Downey Jr be returning as Iron Man? While the ending credits to Iron Man did state that “Tony Stark Will Return,” the question was begged if that also meant RDJ. After […]

[Review] World War Z

World War Z is a thrilling, summer popcorn film. Brad Pitt, despite being very comfortable in the role, is very believable in the character of a retired military negotiator forced to leave his family and attend to the most important mission in his life: finding a way for the human […]

Zack Snyder Says Superman Is American, But Will Likely be a “Global” hero In Man Of Steel 2

  In a recent conversation with Francine Stock on this past week’s BBC Radio 4 Film Program, Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder revealed that although Superman is a born and bred American hero as he was depicted in Man Of Steel, its likely that he will have to “go global” […]