[TCNs Weekly Rumor Roundup] 2015 Week 5

weeklyHello everyone and welcome to TCN’s very first Weekly Rumor Roundup. Starting Today, TCN will review all of the big rumors we’ve heard and lay the cards on the table for you, the fans. All of our rumors are brought to you by the official Twitter account of TCN’s Editor-In-Chief.

Each week, TCN will create one of these posts, reviewing all of the spoilers and rumors that Taylor has posted. It should be reminded that most of these are rumors, spoilers, and potential leaks. He does not claim that each and every one of these is 100% accurate, its just the information he hears from his network of sources.

Without further ado, lets see what Taylor posted this week:

UntitledDC Cinematic Universe

  • Sounds like Jake Gyllenhaal passed on Suicide Squad because he didnt want to play a villain, but sounds like he’s still on WB/DC’s radar.
  • Marvel has the MCU, and it sounds like DC is setting up the DCCMV (DC Cinematic Multi-Verse).
  • Sounds like DC is setting up their Cinematic universe primarily with “Pre-established” heroes
  • DC also isn’t planning to follow Marvels “post credit scene” plan.

bvsBatman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

  • Michael Shannon has been spotted near the set of Batman/Superman. Could Zod return in the sequel? Rumors point to him being Doomsday.
  • Sounds like Cyborg’s role in Batman V Superman: DOJ is just gonna be a glorified cameo, one of that most non-fans may not catch at first
  • For those who are worried Batman V Superman is “overcrowded” don’t realize that most of the characters are just quick bit parts.
  • The focus is Batman and Superman, with it mostly being about Superman.
  • Batman will get a quick origin bit though. Thomas and Martha Wayne took him to see “Zorro.”
  • Aquaman and Wonder Woman will both appear in BvS:DOJ already being “heroes” for several years
  • Aquaman is already “King Aurther/Orin” and didn’t appear in MOS because it was a “surface world problem” but is mad that his ocean suffered
  • Wonder Woman has already left home as emissary to the world of man, her reasons for not getting involved in Zod’s invasion will be explained
  • Zack Snyder has a huge respect to the source material and doesn’t want to change anything dramatic without it being necessary
  • The DC “Trinity” will be present for the films “final battle,” Lex is the cause, but nothing of course will lead back to him.
  • Sounds like Amanda Waller will also be present in BvS:DOJ, setting up her role in Suicide Squad. It’s quick, but enough to lay groundwork.
  • Batman will have had Robin’s In the past. His cave will feel like something out of the comics. His trophy room and arsenal will be present.
  • Batman will be a master detective and his fighting style will mix several well know martial arts in a way that hasn’t been seen on film yet
  • Batman may already have Kryptonite and when it comes into play Superman has no idea why it’s affecting him.
  • Batman doesn’t trust Superman. He has yet to figure out is Superman is just playing a “long con” to earn trust after Zod’s invasion.
  • Amy Adams revealed she only has one scene with Ben Affleck in the entire Batman v Superman:DOJ, But was coy if it was Batman or Bruce Wayne.
  • She also only has one scene with Wonder Woman and one scene with Aquaman.
  • Makes you wonder if that “ONE” scene is the JLA reveal at the end of the film.
  • Sources say the Batman v Superman: DOJ trailer is set to hit within the next 2 weeks. Those who’ve seen it say it is “mind-blowing.”

suicide-squad-dcSuicide Squad

  • Rumor says Joe Manganiello is “in contention” for Deathstroke in DC’s Suicide Squad.
  • Apparently Jon Bernthal and Joel Edgerton are being considered for Rick Flag in Suicide Squad after the loss of Tom Hardy and Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • DC is courting Gary Sinise To Play ‘General Eiling’ In David Ayer’s SUICIDE SQUAD.
  • Sounds like we will see Lois’s dad, General Lane, in Suicide Squad


  • Rumor says DC is looking at Karl Urban to play Ocean Master in DC’s Aquaman.

green_lantern_vol_4_by_marianoilustrado-d36t0ssGreen Lantern

  • Tyrese Gibson Up For GREEN LANTERN? Sounds like the fans spread this rumor. Last I heard DC was planning to Revamp Hal Jordan.
  • Hal Jordan being older and already in the Honor Guard, with a possibility that Guy, John, and Kyle being mentioned and already GLs

Justice_League_Dark_LogoJustice League Dark

  • Sounds like Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark roster is Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, and Etrigan.


Marvel Phase 3

  • CONFIRMED Sony “denied” the Spider-Man is joining the MCU report. But both the Spidey-Summit and Avengers 2 Reshoots are at Pinewood Studios Right now
  • With Marvel having the rights back to Punisher, Blade, Spider-Woman, and Moon Knight, fans should expect to see more hints of them soon.
  • Marvel Phase 3 is about growth and change of the MCU, fans shouldn’t expect to see the same Avengers in Infinity WarUntitled3
  • The Tesseract, Loki’s Staff, the Aether and GOTG’s Orb are Infinity Stones. Rumor suggests we should see another one in Avengers: AOU.
  • With Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” film coming after Infinity War Pt 1, fans should remember that Carol got her name from Captain Mar-Vel.

Image converted using ifftoanyAvengers: Age Of Ultron

  • DEBUNKED Sounds like we may be seeing The Vision in the Superbowl trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron.
  • Speaking of The Vision. Spoilers Ahead: Sounds like he will be landing the killing blow on Ultron in Avengers: AOU.
  • Sounds like we may see the “Gray” Hulk and Mantis in Avengers: AOU.
  • Sounds like Avengers:AOU reshoots involve some newly casted heroes of the MCU. Dr Strange? Black Panther? Ant-Man? The film’s ending is huge.
  • Hearing some chatter about the creation of 2 teams at the ending of Avengers:AOU. Cap and Iron man each running their own team.
  • Haven’t heard much about Iron Man, but Cap will definitely have Falcon and Black Panther.
  • Rumors that Iron Man will have Hulk, Vision, and other science based heroes have started to emerge.
  • That and the idea that Marvel is planning to use a variation of “The Illuminati” with Iron Man’s involvement.
  • Implying that Dr Strange may also align himself with Iron Man more so than Cap.
  • Rumor is that Bucky/The Winter Soldier will also appear at the end of Avengers:AOU and be pivotal in Captain America: Civil War.


  • Fans should expect some nice revelations from Ant-Man, with it being the last film of “Phase 2” it will pose some significant revelations.

civil warCaptain America: Civil War

  • Sounds like Daniel Bruhl is playing Baron Zemo In Captain America: Civil War.
  • Fans need to remember that Captain America: Civil War is still a Cap movie. Meaning Iron Man is one of the “villains” of the film.

thor3Thor: Ragnarok

  • Sources say that Thor: Ragnarok will see the loss of The Gauntlet and The Tesseract from Asgard and into the hands the Thanos.

agent carterMarvel’s Agent Carter

  • CONFIRMED Sounds like we may be seeing the origins of Black Widow in the coming weeks on Marvel’s Agent Carter.

iron fist bannerIron Fist

  • Hearing some rumors that professional kickboxer Alain Moussi is involved in Netflix’s Iron Fist.

jessjones_120513_1280-daredevil-jessica-jones-could-the-defenders-make-their-way-to-the-big-screenAka Jessica Jones

  • CONFIRMED David Tennant is joining Netflix’s “A.k.a. Jessica Jones” as Kilgrave aka The Purpleman


  • Fox is getting into the TV game with their X-Men. Could we finally be seeing that “New Mutants” idea that they’ve talked about for years?

Fantastic-Four-Screengrab-7-700x300Fantastic Four

  • Victor Domashev aka Dr Doom has the ability to fly and will have an aerial battle with the Human Torch in Fox’s new Fantastic Four film.

starwarsSTAR WARS Ep VII: The Force Awakens

  • Got some Star Wars info for those curious about how the next one will play out. First and foremost, most of the theories are WAY off
  • I’ve heard there will be NO flashbacks, but the rumors of Darth Vader appearing seem more and more factual
  • Many fans are freaking out thinking Luke takes the mantle and becomes Vader, this isn’t the case
  • The leaked concept art from a few months ago was a lot more revealing than anyone realizes. Esp the one of the baddie holding Vader’s helmetUntitled2
  • The “Awakening” is referring to the dormant force. The balance was created, and the next generation is getting their eyes opened.
  • The Empire still has a presence because the masses don’t know certain key players died in ROTJ
  • Michael Arndt left the film in 2013 because he based it on the Thrawn Trilogy, but Disney wanted something fresh
  • They felt fans deserved more than an adaptation of the stories we already know. They wiped the slate clean and are doing that now.
  • Fans should pay attention to Star Wars Rebels. Disney is going to be having some subtle (and other not-so-subtle) ties put into play.
  • Just because we see Vader doesn’t necessarily mean we have a Skywalker under the hood. Untitled
  • Kylo Ren is doing a whole lot more than just wielding a cross-guarded light saber. Untitled1
  • The next trailer is gonna shoot a lot of theories right out of the sky, and give birth to a whole lot more.

We hope you enjoyed our First edition of the Weekly Rumor Roundup and we hope to see you again next Friday. If you don’t feel like waiting until next Friday, be sure to Check out Taylor’s Twitter and Follow him here.