Mehcad Brooks cast as Jimmy Olsen in CBS’ ‘Supergirl’ Pilot


When fans heard the news that Jimmy Olsen was to be featured in the upcoming Supergirl TV show as Kara’s potential love interest, I don’t think fans pictured anything but the comic book version of Jimmy Olsen.

The Hollywood reporter has now revealed that actor Mehcad Brooks has been cast as Jimmy Olsen, but that’s not all, they have also reported on some key details for the character:

Olsen, in the CBS take, is a photographer at CatCo.,
where Kara works. He’s the 
salt of the earth and this only makes Kara crush on him even more. The character has recently been living and working in National City though the reason is still a secret. As Kara emerges as Supergirl they grow closer.

While some fans have already voiced their opposition towards the actor taking on the role, I personally like the idea of giving Jimmy Olsen a fresh take. In the comics, Olsen always came across as either a huge dork or a bumbling idiot, and this casting clearly gives the impression that they plan to give fans the polar opposite.

Supergirl is set to have its pilot debut this fall on CBS.