What We Know About Jurassic World’s Resident Apex Predator


First there were raptors. Then came the T-Rex, right into mainland US. Then we saw the Spinosaurus snap the neck of a T-Rex. What could be worse than a reptile that can break the neck of what uneducated laypersons esteem as the king of the dinosaurs?

Enter Indominus Rex. This beast is hailed as the newest, most intimidating predator of the upcoming Jurassic World. And how could we expect any less of a name supposedly meaning “Fierce or Untamable King”? Yikes.

The Jurassic World website further extrapolates on this fearsome animal, noting that it is a genetically engineered amalgamation of Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, and Gigantosaurus. Those don’t sound the most friendly. The Indominus Rex is basically a T-Rex+its nastiest relatives+steroids. Let’s add the fact that this thing is “currently” forty feet long–my guess is this means the featured Indominus Rex isn’t fully grown and that Hammond Creation Lab has no idea of the size it will reach once it is.


Other details include the facts that its roar is the equivalent of a 747 taking off and landing, and it can reach up to 30mph…”in its enclosure”.

Way to go, Hammond Creation Lab. You obviously didn’t learn from the first incident nearly twenty-two years ago, and now your God-complex is going to be your undoing (again). How about let’s not give this man-made monstrosity any room to wreak the devastating havoc it sounds perfectly capable of? Although from seeing the previews, it’s probably much too late.

Oh Chris Pratt, save us.