Night of the Living Dead Prequel Is Happening!

Origins Zombie CoverAccording to sources, George Romero’s son is working on a prequel to the original zombie movie, 1968’s Night of the Living Dead. The director has started, and completed, an Indie-gogo project to fund the film:

I feel this is something that I HAVE to do.  Not only to reclaim the genre in the name of my family and not only to tell the story that my dad 

couldn’t tell in the 60s… but also because I… like all of you… was raised on my dad’s creation and am, above all else, a super fan.”

–G. Cameron Romero

The film will be titled Origins, and Cameron Romero is promising that it will be unlike any zombie movie we’ve seen before. Set in the early 1960s, the prequel will delve into how a scientist was desperately trying to prevent global disaster in the Cold War era–and instead doomed us all. We’ve seen zombie origin stories before, but never Romero-style. The film aims to “re-define the genre… as well as the monster and everything that scares you about them.”

Unfortunately, the campaign has only raised $30K, but Variety tells us that Radar Pictures has stepped in to produce the film.

Zombies have been re-worked and explained in nearly every way imaginable in our day and age, so I’m skeptical that this film will be entirely different. Romero’s last few Zombie movies have flopped pretty terribly; with his son taking over the wheel, I’m anxious to see if this will be a fan-favorite or a bust.