New York Times sues OpenAI & Microsoft

The New York Times is suing OpenAI and Microsoft for the illegal usage of its work.

It’s 2023, and whether you realize it or not, AI touches many aspects of our society. One widespread usage of AI is ChatGPT. Looking for an answer about a medical concern or needing to write a song about the planets? Just ask ChatGPT to do it for you. For better or for worse, we have become more reliant on AI. But for The New York Times, it’s gone too far.

On Wednesday, The New York Times filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan court against OpenAI and Microsoft, claiming the illegal usage of its writings in training for their AI tech. According to The Times, back in April, it had attempted to come to an agreement with OpenAI and Microsoft about using its works, but nothing had been settled. Now, it’s suing the companies. In the article, The Times says, “The suit does not include an exact monetary demand. But it says the defendants should be held responsible for “billions of dollars in statutory and actual damages” related to the “unlawful copying and use of The Times’s uniquely valuable works.”

This is the first legal case from a big American media outlet against OpenAI and Microsoft. In addition to wanting these companies to be held responsible for their damages, The Times says it is even calling for destroying the data and chatbots that use its material. All eyes will be on New York to see what happens with the suit and what implications the verdict creates for AI technology and modern-day journalism.