Watch the First Teaser Trailer for Batman Beyond: Year One

The first trailer for the much-anticipated fan film Batman Beyond: Year One has been released just in time for Christmas! As the post-production phase kicks into high gear on Indiegogo, fans are offered a tantalizing peek at the dark, neon-lit future of Neo Gotham.

We get our first look at the Batman Beyond costume in action. The Royal Flush Gang also makes an appearance, setting the stage for a challenging conflict. Action scenes, though brief, promise intense, fast-paced sequences that balance the detective skills of Batman with a new era of technology.

The Cultured Nerd had the privilege of hosting Michael Yu, the Writer and Director behind this ambitious project, on our podcast, where he peeled back the curtain on their cinematic vision. The film aims to honor the legacy of the Batman Beyond series while pushing the boundaries of fan-made productions.

If you would like to help bring the project across the finish line of production over the next 30 days, head over to their Indigogo page to donate now!