Nintendo deep dives further into the Inkling lore in the second “Splatoon 3” Trailer

The inklings and octolings step up their game even further in the incredibly anticipated three-peat sequel.

Nintendo has shown a second trailer for the highly anticipated sequel for their newest original IP, Splatoon 3.

The game company has streamed another presentation that fans were absolutely starving for, and boy, did they provide a massive feast, especially with Splatoon 3 being one of the most savory main courses. In the trailer below, the first half shows how the multiplayer experience is further elevated and noticeably different from its 2017 predecessor, Splatoon 2. Some gorgeous, colorful highlights of the turf war display includes the return of stages from the first game that were not included from the last game like Museum D’Alfonsino and a new stage that is yet to be named, new special weapons such as a force field device, a transformer crab cannon, and even giving the cephalopod hybrids Spider-Man-like powers for a short period of time. However, right in the middle, the video “glitches” as a transition to show Splatoon fans the next chapter in the single player campaign titled Return of the Mammalians.

As seen at the tail end of the trailer, the same release year was shown: 2022. Much to many fans’ surprise, no release or even a preorder date was announced. However, they do not have to fret, since the squid research lab assistant has notified them that more updates will be coming. Splatoon 3 will be super jumping exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Source: Nintendo