A New Trailer For “Halloween Kills” Has Been Released

Universal has released the brand new trailer for “Halloween Kills” and it is terrifying.
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A brand new trailer for Halloween Kills has been released and it is looks terrifying. If you thought Michael Myers was brutal in the previous film, you’re in for a treat with this one.

The trailer kicks off seemingly where Halloween (2018) left off, with the house burning down with Michael locked inside the basement. It then cuts to a group of firefighters that seem to looking for survivors. The floor caves in due to the raging fire and Michael Myers’ hand appears and then he pull down a fireman. After this, Myers escapes the burning building and then he is met by the other firemen; you can probably guess where this is going (oh and he’s carrying what looks like a sharp tool).

The rest of the trailer pretty much shows the aftermath of the previous film, with numerous characters in the hospital. The Strode family is informed that Myers is still alive, then we get a great clip of a really mad and determined Jamie lee Curtis that is set on taking down Michael Myers for good.

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After this, the trailer just shows Michael Myers killing different people; there’s is also some really good narration by Curtis that is really selling what the story will be. This is the second trailer for Halloween Kills and it looks like it can be on par with the previous film. The film looks intense, bloody, fast paced and many other things. Towards the end of the trailer, there is what sounds to be a newer/remixed version of the classic Michael Myers theme song.

You can watch the trailer for Halloween Kills below:

Halloween Kills is set to release October 15, 2021

Source: The Halloween Kills Twitter Account