New Moon Knight Training Montage

New video shows more of Oscar Isaac training for ‘Moon Knight’.

Whenever an adaptation of a superhero property is in the works, one of the things that seems to be a concern to the fans is the action. From the choreography of the fights, to how things look on screen in the final product. Superhero comics are all about action, it is one of the driving forces of such books to put the protagonist in situations where they have to engage in serious combat to advance the story.

With the character of Moon Knight that sort of action goes hand in hand, back to the early days when the Marvel Comics hero debuted in Werewolf by Night #32 (August 1975).

While the cameras have yet to begin rolling on the upcoming Disney+ show that adapts the grim figure and pushes him into the MCU punching and kicking, fans were treated to another fabulous behind the scenes treat.

Oscar Isaac, who is playing the eponymous role of Moon Knight is clearly taking to the fight training for the series in a profound way. Mad Gene Media, the production company found by Isaac and Elvira Lind, released a training montage on their Instagram page that is blowing up the Internet. In it Isaac takes on a series of assailants, punching, kicking, flipping and more often then not, stabbing his way through their assaults.

While it is not clear as to whether or not such levels of gratuitous violence will be ever seen on Disney+ (even on a Marvel show), it is exciting to watch Oscar Isaac prepare for the part of one of Marvel’s long-lasting properties.

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