[Review] “Among Us” On IOS

“Among Us” has seemingly taken the internet by storm these past few weeks and it’s a game that will make you lose trust in everyone. “Among Us” is out now on Steam as well as IOS and Android Devices.

Among Us has seemingly taken the internet by storm these past few weeks and it’s a game that will make you lose trust in everyone. Among Us creates a suspenseful tone for the those unlucky enough to be selected as a Crewmate; the feeling of always looking over your shoulder is pretty creepy. This game is a ton of fun to play with if you have friends to play with, but can be often frustrating when playing with random players.

In Among Us, there can be anywhere up to ten players in a lobby with up to three of them being an Imposter. You do have the option to select the amount of players and how may can be an Imposter. The goal of the Imposter(s) is to kill as many of the Crewmembers as possible before they finish all of their tasks. The tasks can range anywhere from cleaning leaves out of an O2 filter or fixing electrical problem on the map; the host of the lobby has the option of deciding how many tasks there will be.

If and when an Imposter does manage to kill one other players and someone else finds the body, the game will make everyone discuss who they think it could be. If there is more than one Imposter, each Imposter will be able to tell who is an Imposter because their name will be highlighted red. The discussion part of the game is where the trouble with playing with randoms occurs. Random players can vote up other player without having any evidence to prove anything. While you’re allowed to do this, it can be annoying if you’re a Crewmate an have clearly done nothing wrong. There are two ways to win as a Crewmate: either vote off all of the Imposters or finish all the tasks.

Among Us‘ visuals are nothing over the top, but fit the game very well. The simple astronaut art style and simple level designs are perfect for this game. There are three levels that you can choose from and each one has a layout that presents it’s own set of navigation challenges for both the Imposter and Crewmates. You have the option to make the task bar appear and disappear since it does take up a good chunk of the screen. The game does limit your vision so you can’t see around corners and see something you weren’t supposed to see. The limited vision also keeps it fair in a few ways because you don’t won’t to be able to see the whole map, that would ruin the suspense of not knowing when someone could be sneaking up on you.

The controls on mobile are pretty simple and doesn’t bring any extra challenges to the game. If the controls were more difficult to use, it would probably take away the fun from the game. There are two options on how to move: you can either use a digital analog stick or you can just tap where you want to go. The rest of the controls are super easy and simple tap options that appear on your screen and they can vary based on your role in the game.

The music in the game doesn’t play a special part in the game. It’s honestly just there to be there. It doesn’t provide any excitement or anything that would trigger any specific emotion. However, the other sounds in the game do provide the excitement and make it feel like you’re really there. You can hear your footsteps, the trash chutes opening or even the vending machines vending certain items. The sounds in the game provide more entertainment than the soundtrack; and that’s not a bad because a game like this isn’t supposed to have a phenomenal soundtrack. The sudden sound of you getting killed can cause slight jump-scare; even the sound of someone reporting a body or calling an emergency meeting is enough to cause a jump-scare.

There’s tons of replay value in Among Us. This a great game to play with friends or even by yourself. This game is more fun to play with friends because of the laughs and funny moments you can create while accusing each other of being an Imposter.

Overall, Among Us is a really fun game to play with friends and is oddly really suspenseful. Among Us doesn’t have the most realistic visuals or the best soundtrack but the quality of the game is really good. I would definitely recommend Among Us since it’s free on IOS and Android. It is also available on Steam for $4.99.

Below you can watch the official trailer for Among Us:

Among Us is now available on Steam as well as IOS and Android devices

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