[DC FANDOME] “Death in the Family” Panel

“Batman: Death in the Family” takes a look back at the iconic “Batman: Under the Red Hood” but with a new interactive element.

The DC FANDOME was too much for just one session. The return of DC Fandome came with it news regarding the new interactive Bluray Batman: Death in the Family.

The all new movie takes a look back at the iconic Batman: Under the Red Hood but with a new interactive element, giving viewers the ability makes choices for an entirely new experience.

The Watchverse panel hosted by Hector Navarro of DC Daily and featured the voice actors for Jason Todd, Vincent Martella, and The Joker, John Dimaggio.

Rounding out the panel was the triple threat producer, director, and writer Brandon Vietti.

This version of the film is a new take on the classic Under the Red Hood movie. The inspiration for making this movie interactive stems from the original death of Jason Todd in the comics.

Before the Joker beat Todd to death in the comics fans were given the chance to vote on the fate of the Boy Wonder.

Vietti said,

“ultimately and most importantly bring to our audiences the same experience that comic book reader had back when they got to call a 1-900 number and vote whether Jason Todd would live or die.”

There will be a few new characters that were not seen in the original film. Such as Two-Face that will be voiced by Gary Cole. Vietti also stated he was happy to give an expanded role to Talia al Ghul, voiced by Zehra Fazal.

Not many exclusive details were given in order to not give away too much of the story. However, all the entire panel agreed with Vietti’s on his favorite scene. All he would say is

“Jason Todd walks into a diner”

Finally, Navarro asked the panel if they went back in time and were able to vote which number would they call. All three stated they would have voted to keep Todd alive.

The new movie will be available on Bluray and Digital download on October 13. The true interactive element will only be available on the Bluray edition.

The digital download will show 4 predetermined linear versions. The Blu-Ray includes the anthology of previously released shorts Sergeant Rock, Adam Strange, Death, and Phantom Stranger.