WB Games Montréal Continues to Tease Fans With Mysterious Site

On Monday, WB Games Montréal teased an event regarding their new Batman game with the launch of a cryptic site, but it seems we’ll still need to wait a few more days for an announcement or some concrete info.

The site r3dakt3d.com was created to promote the game, displaying the ominous message “We have been expecting you. 8/18.” There wasn’t much to the r3dakt3d site at first glance beyond the message, but the site was updated Tuesday with a new page for fans to access, and the official r3dakt3d account posted an image reading “enter code 761.”

Inputting the code “761” after unlocking the r3dakt3d site doesn’t seem to do anything at first. A simple message appears saying that the code input was a success, and that more instructions would follow tomorrow (8/19). However, a download button also appears after successfully inputting the code, which will open a computerized image of Gotham. After opening the download file, the site will also display the image with the text “one step closer.”

As seen in the second image above, there are three more codes that need to be inputted each day this week from Wednesday through Friday, with timers for when the codes for each day can be entered. WB Games Montréal didn’t make an announcement like fans were hoping for; instead they seem to be building excitement and intrigue with these teases and clues, which will most likely culminate in an announcement Saturday at DC FanDome.

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