[Review] DC Comics’ The Flash: “Legion of Zoom”

“Legion of Zoom” is a fantastic two-part setup for Joshua Williamson’s final story arc on his Flash run.

Legion of Zoom is a fantastic two-part setup for Joshua Williamson’s final story arc of his Flash run. This arc takes place over issues #757 and #758, and we see Barry Allen trying to return to his normal life until the Reverse Flash‘s, Eobard Thawne, own “Flash Family” decides to introduce themselves.

Legion of Zoom starts with Barry Allen still reeling from the showdown with Paradox from Flash Age. Allen goes on about the impact that Thawne has had on his life as both The Flash and Barry Allen. While trying to get his life back to somewhat normal, Allen decides to backtrack on an old investigation. The investigation turns out to have a more sinister backstory than expected, but soon after that, things get more out of hand.

The Turtle, Captain Cold, Golden Glider, Trickster, and Gorilla Grodd all decide to simultaneously attack different parts of Central City. With Reverse Flash calling the shots on the attack, Barry has to get his family to safety. After seeing the destruction caused Allen feels guilty, and decides its time he take the next step into beating the Reverse Flash.

The storytelling is good in this arc. Williamson didn’t show a lot because I’m assuming he’s saving all surprises and reveals for Finish Line. But what he did show was amazing. It’s awesome to see Eobard Thawne back in action after being out for so long. Other than the attack on Central City and the ending to #758 (No spoilers), there isn’t a lot of action. If you have been reading Williamson’s run since the beginning, you’ll notice all the small details that show that he’s been building these final stories for awhile.

Three different artists contribute to the story with Rafa Sandoval doing the art for #757 and Christian Duce and Scott Kolins doing the art for #758. The art throughout both issues is nice and definitely contributes to the story being told. In issue #758 Duce and Kolins team up to do the artwork, but Duce does pages 1-19 while Kolins only does 19-20, and I’m not exactly sure why. With the art on the last two pages being completely different, I think it is supposed to represent the drastic changes that are happening at the moment. Duce’s art throughout the issue is amazing, the way he shows the emotions of each character made it exciting and more serious. I would’ve liked to see him draw up the big surprise at the end of the issue. I also think the way he draws Reverse Flash is great, and gives the character that sadistic look. I was more a fan of how Sandoval drew up the villains than how he drew The Flash; his Flash was good, but I prefer Kolins’ instead. Sandoval gave a few of the villains some of their classic outfits and since these last few stories are about The Flash’s legacy, his artwork is just right.

Overall, Legion of Zoom is a good read and sets up an incredible ending to Joshua Williamson’s run on The Flash comics. Good artwork, callbacks, and nice storytelling is all there. With Finish Line starting now, I highly recommend reading The Flash comics so you don’t miss out.

Legion of Zoom was written by Joshua Williamson and features artwork from Rafa Sandoval, Christian Duce and Scott Kolins.

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