It’s Morphin’ Time! Red Ranger Helmet Replicas Now Available for Pre-Order

The time is here to pre-order the Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection Red Ranger helmet. The wearable replicas, going for $79.99, will be shipping this October.

The helmet can be displayed on a shelf or worn. Pre-orders are available from Entertainment Earth with free shipping. According to the Entertainment Earth description, the helmet is “one size fits most.”  It is modeled after the original Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott, played by Austin St. John, and will become an instant treasure for fans of the iconic 90’s classic.

The replica comes with a display stand and instructions and is for ages 18 and up. The helmet will go well in a nerd cave or to complete your next cosplay.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been a cultural icon since the early 90’s. St. John has even gone full circle and appeared in Season 2 of the newest rendition of Power Rangers, Beast Morphers.

This is the second Lighting Collection helmet released by Hasbro and is the follow up to the White Ranger helmet that released last year, which is now sold out and on back order. If the leader of the teens from Angel Grove was your favorite ranger, then get your pre-order here.


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