“Resident Evil VIII” Rumored to Have Occult Theme

The currently unconfirmed and unannounced Resident Evil VIII could be revealed at Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 event on June 11.

The currently unconfirmed and unannounced Resident Evil VIII is the latest game to be part of the constant rumor mill. With so many leaks and rumors, it looks like the game exists and is just waiting to be officially unveiled by Capcom. It could be revealed at Sony‘s upcoming PlayStation 5 event on June 11. The game is rumored to be titled Resident Evil: Village (stylized as VIIIAGE), and it’s touted to be the darkest and most gruesome yet.

According to Biohazard Declassified, occultism will be a major theme of the game. The cult will reportedly worship the creatures created from a new airborne virus, which causes hallucinations.

From its title, the game will take place in a gothic village with castles, forests, and caves. It will apparently focus on more outdoor locations compared to other entries.

Ethan from Resident Evil VII returns as the protagonist, along with the first-person perspective. Ethan’s wife Mia and Chris Redfield will reportedly appear (details about them are in the spoiler territory). Another character named Emily will also be playable and will aid Ethan on his journey.

The main villain is rumored to be Alan R, a count living in a castle who is supposedly a high ranking member of a group called “The Connections.” Alex Wesker will also be playing a role.

The main enemies of the game will resemble the Ganados in Resident Evil 4. Zombies will carry swords, clubs, and knives in the castle. New enemy types include a werewolf-like creature with a grotesque design.

There also seems to be a new stalker enemy similar to Mr. X, except this time it’s a witch with a distinctive evil laugh. Her mechanics are rumored to be similar to Marguerite in Resident Evil VII with her use of insects.

The game will reportedly release on current and next-gen consoles for early 2021. Time will tell if all the rumors and leaks are true about this game. If so, this could be something special.