Is Marvel’s new Thor comic the start of a DC and Marvel crossover?

With the multiverse playing a key role on the pages of Marvel and DC, are we seeing the birth of a new crossover?

On the pages of Thor #2 the crossover with Marvel and DC may have started this year. It would bring the Justice League and the Avengers together to fight the universe biggest threat. This new threat is something that no one has ever faced before. This would also answer some questions about the multiverse in Marvel and Dc. 

DC’s side of the crossover

If you don’t know the beginning of 2019, DC announced that there will be a year of the villain. Year of the Villain also ties in with the Justice League: Doom War. Lex Luthor is building his own Legion of Doom. He is doing it to serve Perpetua. Perpetua was created to create different universes and the multiverse. .    

Marvels side of the cross over

Thor: Herald of Galactus has started off with a snow of anti matter that would destroy anything that touches. It has the justice league running to help. This was the only hint at the Justice League from this comic. So we don’t know if it’s in any other comic yet, that has the same things as Thor


If this happens, this could possibly be the best cross over yet. It would definitely answer some major questions of the multiverse on both side. While we don’t know if it is in the main DC universe, Scott Snyder has not given us a clear description if it is in the main universe or not. Only time will tell where it goes.