[Update] Ronan the Accuser Will Not Be Featured in Guardians 2


Everybody take a deep breath, all together now, and sigh. It seems we all got our hopes up for nothing.

The director of Guardians of the Galaxy and its upcoming sequel, James Gunn, has confirmed that 2 will go on without its predecessor’s nasty villain.

Responding to a question about the reappearance of Ronan the Accuser in his Facebook Q&A on Friday, Gunn said, “Who knows? But not in 2, no.”

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Hopefully this means Gunn is open to the idea and may indeed feature the Kree baddie in a future installment, but our noble Guardians will have other fish to fry in their next bid to save the galaxy.

There it is, folks. You can all return to your lives now. We may still see Ronan again, but it won’t be in May of 2017.

(Bonus: In the same Q&A, however, Gunn did say that Nebula would be back. Considering my feeling that she didn’t have enough screen time to do the character justice, this makes my little nerd heart go pitter-patter. Plus, it would mean the return of bald Karen Gillan, me-yow!)