New Rumors for The Walking Dead Spin off


We haven’t heard anything new regarding the spin-off for our favorite zombie show in quite some time. However, according to the recent update from The Nerdist, the show is rumored to have a title: Fear the Walking Dead. (Kudos for creativity, guys, I’m sure that took you all night to come up with.)

We’re also hearing info that one or more of the characters from the spin off will be featured in a six-episode story arch in The Walking Dead Season 6. This should prove interesting; we already know that the new show will be somewhat of a prequel, taking place while Rick lies in a coma. Taking place in LA, it will follow a dysfunctional family through the beginning of the outbreak, allowing fans to witness the world slowly going to hell.


I’m fairly skeptical about what this spin off will offer. I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead comics, and I think part of the show’s success comes from it’s basis on those stories. The fifth season has brought us much closer to the comic than previous seasons, and it’s brought the show a necessary grittiness. While Robert Kirkman will still have a big hand in the new show, is it just a chance for the network to capitalize on TWD’s success? Kirkman has mentioned that “Fear The Walking Dead” will be different both visually and character-wise. I’m not getting my hopes up, but like any die-hard fan, I’ll give it a fighting chance.