The First Trailer For Josh Trank’s “The Fantastic Four” Has Arrived Online


Ever since fans heard of the plans for Fox’s reboot of The Fantastic Four it has been despised by fans. Even at its the film’s early conception it has been mocked with ridicule, controversy, and some would even say that it has been pre-destined to fail. But most of all, Fans expected to see the film be more like “Chronicle 2” than anything that resembles an actual superhero film, but now we know that is far from the truth.

Fox has now officially revealed the very first trailer to the film, and as mentioned, nobody seemed to see this coming:

So does the film deserve all of the hate and controversy that has accompanied it for the greater part of a year? Not sure yet, but one thing is clear, this is clearly Ultimate Fantastic Four right down to its core, and that’s not a bad thing.

The Fantastic Four is currently set for a August 7, 2015 release date.