New Static Shock Internet Series Announced


Earlier this week, it was announced that the DC imprint, Milestone Media, was making a comeback. This imprint was created by the late Dwayne McDuffie, and focused on creating new properties centering around African American characters, such as Icon, Hardware and most notably, Static.

With this announcement, it’s also been revealed that Milestone Media is partnering with Warner Bros. digital division, Blue Ribbon Content, to bring a live action Static series to the internet. There no details yet on who will play the hero or a release date. However, this is exciting news for anyone who remembers the Static Shock cartoon from the early 2000s.


While Milestone was originally printed by DC, they have retained the rights to the characters they created throughout the 90s. While their characters’ existence within the comic universe is uncertain, Warner Bros. does own DC. This mean could that the Static Shock show may exist within the same universe as already established or upcoming DC series, such as Arrow, Constantine, or Supergirl? I sure hope so, as it seems DC is moving to do on the small screen what Marvel has already done on the big by creating a vast, interconnected cinematic universe.

The Static Shock show enjoyed crossovers with Batman Beyond, Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, and other shows from the DC Animated Universe. Additionally, the character made appearances on the criminally canceled Young Justice show in 2012. Again, nothing official has been said, but considering the character’s past crossovers, it would seem likely this is where Warner Bros and Milestone Media are taking the show.