Rumors hit that Martian Manhunter may be in Man Of Steel?


Obviously this must be taken with a tremendously large grain of salt, maybe even a truck load. The Site ComicBookMovie last night posted speculation that Harry Lennix, who is currently cast as General Swanwick, is playing non other than Martian “J’onn J’onzz/John Jones” Aka The Martian Manhunter.

Here is a shot of the actor in the latest trailer:

man-of-steel-trailer_119-930x387_zps3eeaec88.jpg original

And what is their proof that this casting is a ruse? Pure speculation based on one unusual set photo, and here is what is causing all the stir:


Yes, that single photo is what sparked the rumor. But it does raise a couple of interesting questions, that is if thats really the same actor in the photo above.

The biggest and possibly only real question that comes from this photo is simply, why is this actor in a Mo-Cap suit? If he is just a general, what purpose would CGI have on this actors body? Because of this, and how the markers are laid out in an X across his chest, CBM is calling it (as well as the actors green leg)  as a Martian Manhunter Cameo.

Obviously this could just turn out to be a plot-twist reveal and the actor may turn out to be a Kryptonian Spy or something or another, or it could be something simple and the actor is going to meet his on-screen fate in a very elaborate CGI show.

Either way, we will see when its released. But its indeed a fun thought for now.

Man Of Steel hits US theaters on June 14, 2013.