New INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us DLC gameplay video shows Lobo vs Flashpoint Batman


When Injustice:Gods Among Us came out several weeks ago, it was instantly a hit. Fans who played it loved what it did to, and for the characters. And when NetherRealm Studios / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment had revealed DLC plans for 4 new characters, fans quickly wondered who they would be.

Well obviously we now know the first is Lobo, but this video also revealed one thing that we didn’t expect, Batman would be getting a Flashpoint DLC skin as well.

Check out the video below:


In a perfect world, this DLC skin would come coupled with a new voice (because if you didn’t know **SPOILER ALERT*** Flashpoint Batman is Thomas Wayne), but I suppose that is asking for a little much.

Either way, this DLC skin is great looking, and Lobo looks like a blast to play as. He for sure will be added to my roster as soon as he is made available.