Unfortunate “hoax” on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hinted at Marvel Cinematic Universe Contentions


While the news comes and leaves many upset that it is indeed not true, reports that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would make references to The Marvel Cinematic Universe have been proven false.

Earlier today io9  released the above photo stating it was submitted with the following:

I live in Brooklyn and they’re shooting Spider-Man 2 a few blocks away. I walked by as they were unloading some costumes and noticed this motorcycle with a Stark Industries logo. Looks as if Marvel might be trying to bring these characters into a shared universe.

Immediately fans went rampant at the idea that the movie would finally live up to the rumors and tie itself in with The Marvel Cinematic Universe with such a subtle and blatant reference to IRON MAN.

But the report hit a brick wall when the following was revealed:

Commenter fortytwooftwelve claims to have the answer:

It has nothing to do with Spider-Man. I live in the neighborhood and that motorcycle belongs to a guy who lives around here.

So move along, nothing to see here, just a fan with a nice paint job on the tank of his bike.

While many were left heart broken at the news that this is once again just simply a misunderstanding, or a flat out hoax, the film is indeed still staying separated (as of now) from The Avengers and the rest of The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But should it?

Many don’t think so, both studios could greatly benefit from such a collaboration, but only time will tell if they ever do decide to play on the same team.